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Queensland Project Location

East Energy Resources holds an Exploration Permits for Coal (EPC 1149) in the Eromanga Basins in Central Queensland, approximately 65km south of the township of Blackall.  The acquisition of Idalia Coal in May 2013 has added a further 5 tenements to this project, with the tenements located adjacent to or near EPC 1149.

Recent exploration at the Blackall Coal Project has delineated a 627.5MT of Indicated Resource and an Inferred Resource of 1.113Bt billion tonnes of thermal quality coal defined by an extensive drilling program, providing a combined resources of 1.74Bt thermal coal.  The recent purchase of Idalia Coal has added a further 440Mt of Inferred Coal Resources and a drill defined Exploration Target of 4.0Bt to 4.5Bt to the Group’s asset base.  Collectively the combination of East Energy and Idalia tenements provide for an exploration target of over 6 billions tonnes of open cut mineable thermal coal.

Blackall Coal Project


The Blackall Project is secured by tenement EPC 1149, EPC 1398 and EPC 1399, covering over 2,500 sq km just to the south of the township of Blackall, a rural community within central western Queensland, located on the Barcoo River.  Blackall has a population of approximately 1,400 people.

The topography consists of gently sloping smooth plains, which are dissected by tributaries of the Hope and Ravensbourne Creeks. These flow intermittently and only during the wet season in to the Barcoo River System to the north. Elevations vary from 329 metres in the south to 278 metres in the north.


Blackall Project Geology

The Blackall Project lies within the Eromanga Basin, an intracratonic basin which is early Jurassic to late Cretaceous in age. Coal is developed in the Late Cretaceous Winton Formation. The Winton Formation. consisting of sandstones, siltstones, claystones and coal, crops out over much of the project area

Six main coal intervals (designated seams 1 to 6) are identified as being present in the broader Project area, most of which comprise of several “upper‟ and “lower‟ plies. The 2, 3 Lower (3L) and 4 Upper (4U) seams are generally the thickest seams in the sequence. Average individual seam thicknesses range from 0.52 to 2.82 m in the Resource area.


Coal Resources

With a resource strike length of 95km and an average width of 6km, the three EPC’s host an exploration target of over 6 billion tonnes of open cut mineable coal – one of the largest coal deposits in Australia.

Exploration completed within EPC 1149 to date has confirmed a very large thermal coal deposit, with a total Resource of 1.74 billion tonnes. Of this total, 627.5 million tonnes is classified as Indicated and 1,113 million tonnes is classified as Inferred.

Recent exploration on EPC 1398 and EPC 1399 has identified a JORC Inferred Resource of 440 million tonnes and an Exploration Target of 4.0 to 4.5 billion tonnes within these two tenements.

More complete resources statements are available on the East Energy Resources Website under Media Releases.


Coal Quality

The Blackall coals are sub-bituminous, with inherent moistures ranging from 18 to 22% (ad). The average raw coal ash ranges from 19 to 27% (ad), averaging 22% (ad). The F1.60 product ash ranges from 11 to 15% (ad), with an average product yield of 81%. Average raw gross specific energy ranges from 15 to 17 MJ/kg, with the average F1.60 product energy ranging from 19 to 21 MJ/kg.



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